Writing Challenge Day – Day Two – A Room With a View (sort of)

Writing Challenge Day - Day Two - A Room With a View

As I contemplate this challenge, I find myself standing at the edge of any forest path heading off into the distance mist. I have always been fascinated by paths and gates and staircases, but only ones where you cannot see, from the start, where you might end. Like writing, this freedom allows my mind to soar in any direction, to imagine any conclusion. What dangers or victories might lie down that narrow dirt tract? How many creatures might attempt to destroy me and how might I overcome them. Or will I overcome them?

How much like life this is.

We stand on the edge of the dark forest called life, starting down a misted path, wondering where it might lead. Many of us are afraid and, instead of embracing the unknown, huddle at the head of the path, clinging to what we can see and what we know. How much more awesome life would be if we trusted in ourselves enough to take that first step onto the path, into the dark forest, branches lacing over our heads, making foreign patterns against the sky.

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