The sum of our day is like completing a page in the book of our lives. DeeOhGeeRay

What a beautiful way to think of life.  So many times we exist day to day, barely hanging on by our fingertips, hoping that we will survive until tomorrow, or the next day or the next day off…… the next vacation.  Then all will be well.  But how many times is that next day off the kind of day we really need?  And how many times it is just another day where we cling to the routines of our lives, praying that we can exist through just one more day?

But what if we looked at each day as a page in the book of our lives like DeeOhGeeRay suggests?  As a writer, I suddenly wanted to make every moment of each day as complete and as fulfilling as my favorite book.  And I wondered, how many blank pages do I have in my book already?  How many more until I learn to slow down and live every moment of every day as if it was my last? Or rather, my first?

The song says, ‘Live like you’re dying,’ but I don’t want to live that way.  I want to live in the joy of each day, finding the peace of each and every moment, to see the sunshine shimmering on the leaves and feel the dirt in my fingers as I plant flowers I hope will come back year after year, reminding me of the beauty of this world.  Hope.  What a beautiful word. Don’t we all live with the hope that one day things will be better; that vacation day will come and be perfect, we’ll get that raise or a new car or a bigger house.

Those things, however, are written in ink which washes away. Tomorrow we look back and wonder why that raise didn’t make us happy; why this day isn’t better than any of the last?  I don’t want to live exhausted any more, feeling like I’m barely making it day to day, living for work, and then going home and working more.  Or just toppling into bed because I can’t face another hairball from my ever-loving cat or a pile of dirty dishes in the sink because apparently 8 to 12 hours is not enough time for for my sons to wash them.

What do I want to write on today’s page in my book? Will it be joyous and positive or will I waste another day just clinging by my fingertips, hoping to get to tomorrow?


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