Parallel Worlds

“The ‘Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics’ speaks to possibility and it speaks to opportunity. By appreciating its existence and adopting the paradigm of its existence, we start to realize that our future has infinite potentiality, and we realize that the ‘Ideal Parallel World’ of our dreams already exists along one path of our potential future; therefore our behaviors in the present can guide us to that ‘Ideal Parallel World.”

― Kevin Michel, Moving Through Parallel Worlds To Achieve Your Dreams


I’ve always been fascinated by Parallel Worlds.  As a writer, my sense has been that all my characters live in their own ‘worlds,’ with something like a soul cord connecting us all together.  Sometimes when I’m drifting in the car (not driving of course), I get the sense that I’m looking at a world very different than my own, seen through half-closed eyes, then gone when I blink and attempt to actually see.  Then again, I was always the child dreaming of discovering the doorway in a tree leading into some magical world far different than my own.

To understand that this magical world might already be my own, in my own potential future, is much harder to understand.  Actually, I don’t mean understand but accept.  It is hard to accept that we are the ones responsible for our own lives – our futures.  It’s so much easier to blame our parents or family or the job that doesn’t appreciate us or even the ‘world’ for being against us.

And it’s easy to agree that the ‘world,’ or ‘god,’ or whatever name you might give your higher power, seems against us.  How many children are starving in this world?  Have no fresh water?  Disease?  How many people wander our streets homeless, seemingly forsaken by the world that accepts us?  How many people want only for themselves at the expense of their neighbor?  But is it the ‘world’ that has turned against them or have we, in our ignorance and fear,  turned against ourselves?

We created the ‘future’ in which we are now living, with all it’s wonders and horrors.  Yet the ‘Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics’ tells us that we have endless potential to create a different world and that, how we act today, can and will create the world we want for tomorrow.

Scary because we can’t blame anyone else anymore.  Today, I challenge everyone reading this blog to make this the day to look forward into the future we desire, not just the one this world tells us that we deserve or will have…just because.



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