JSW Prompt – 9/1/2014

These are the things I no longer wish to understand….


Like peace and friendship and the reason for rising every morning.  Peace ain’t nothing but a word nobody believes in anymore.  I’ve never seen it in my life.  Ever, and I’m not young anymore. Men don’t want peace, not if it interferes with the endless wars bounding this universe. Far easier to kill and maim and destroy than to open a hand or a heart; understand that the man across the border isn’t really different on the inside.  We all want food and shelter and to be loved.  Why can’t we just talk?

But then talking ain’t been man’s strong suit, at least not in my lifetime.  Take Old Earth.  Hear tell it used to be  sight to see but now nothing is left but dark waters and bloated lands.  Millions lost.  Millions of millions.

And it hasn’t stopped since.




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