JSW Prompt – 1-29-2015 Response


I apologize for taking so long with this JSW Prompt.  I sort of lost track there.  It’s not called Writer’s Block but rather Slip of the Writer’s Mind.

“This is my war and I don’t know which side I’m on.”

The words echoed around in my head.  How could I not know my chosen side?  How could I doubt the sharp edges butting one reality against another? Why do I understand both?

It’s not supposed to be this way.  One is supposed to support their god and country.  Hate the enemy god and nations.  So why can’t I hate?  I’ve tried to hate, believe me.  I want to hate.  I want to know that I am securely on the side of the right.  I want to know… I want to know…. what is right.

I have a hard time believing that anything about war is right.  We ought not hate the neighbors next door to us, or those a thousand miles away.  I want to believe that the world is a good place, a place where love and forgiveness are the virtues to which we all aspire. The reality is, however, that the world is a horrible place.  A spinning ball of hate and cruelty and viciousness far beyond anything my simple mind can comprehend.

So why do I send troops into a battle I do not believe is right?

Because I am the Prince and this is what I am expected to do.  Defend god and country against the enemy.  The enemy is dark and evil and somewhere out there….. somewhere beyond my limited vision.  Until, that is, he isn’t.  Until one stands face to face with the enemy and sees nothing more than humanity and fear in his eyes.

The dark truth of this world is that I must kill the human across the battlefield from me simply because that is how war is done.  If I don’t kill him, he will kill me and, in doing so, bring down all that I love and cherish.

It is a cruel choice I make, standing over my fallen foe……

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