Are you willing?

To give a few minutes of your time to help a fellow blogger?  I am in the process of figuring out what is working on my blog and what isn’t.  If you are so inclined, could you answer all or any of the questions below?  I’d love your feedback and would be glad to do the same for you.


Is the header image crisp? Does it compete with the blog title?

Does the title tell you what the blog is about?

Do the colors in the featured images pair well with the blog’s background color?

Is the menu clear? Easy to navigate?

Do the images add to the posts? Is there enough white space?

Do any pages make sense? Are there too many? Not enough?

If the blogger has profiles on sites like Facebook or Twitter, are the visuals there consistent with their blog?

Overall, does the site feel busy? Boring? Just right?

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