Thinking on Happiness

There is something to be said for happiness.  We all instinctively know this, we all desperately want this, but sometimes it seems impossible to align our thoughts and feelings with the happiness we so deeply desire.  Pulled in sixteen different directions at the same time, I find myself so caught up in the tangles of day-to-day living, I forget to remember the happiness around me. The happiness is there. I’ve just forgotten how to open myself up to what is already there and abundant in my life.

Yes, happiness is all around us.  Invisible, silent, overlooked, and always there. Happiness comes in ones and twos, not sixteens. Sitting. Reading. Listening. Dreaming.  These things bring happiness to the surface.

Does one need to win a Pulitzer to be happy? Some people might think so, but no. I don’t. Nobody does really. Happiness isn’t about winning awards or prizes or publications. Happiness is about being, about doing those things that bring the joy and fulfillment in our lives out into the open. Happiness is about shining where you already stand.

Like the quote says, happiness is “waking up, looking at the clock and finding that you still have two hours left to sleep.”

I don’t need anything more than this amazing feeling every moment and day of my life. Happiness. The good life.

Welcome home.

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