JSW Prompt 7-23-2015 Response


“Well… don’t tell me how to live my unlife, then!  I’m perfectly capable of…. of…. unliving my… unlife!”

Justin raised an eyebrow.  “Well, that certainly told me… nothing.”

“Don’t be rude.”

“To a dead person?  Never!”  He crossed his heart, swore to die, making fun of me.

Rolling my eyes, I turned away.  “So…. hummmm… how exactly did I die?”  I couldn’t help but think he was making the biggest ass in the world of me, telling me I was dead.

I didn’t feel dead.  I didn’t look dead, at least not when I looked down at myself.  I looked….. pasty and thin and well, you know, like always.

“Are you sure you want to know?”

“Of course I want to know,”  I exploded.  “I wouldn’t of asked otherwise.”

He shrugged with a ‘you asked’ look and said, “JoAnn killed you.”

 “What?” I yelped.  “Where? When? Why?”

“Let me take those in chronological order. What – she killed you. When – two nights ago. Where – here. Why – how the hell would I know?

He sat down at the table.  I just stared at him, mouth open, unable to process what was being said; shook my head and sank down onto a chair.

Wow.  She’d killed me.


Just when I managed to collect my thoughts to ask a question,

I jerked awake.

Dark.  Night.  Bed.

I collapsed back onto the bed, jerking my hands up before my face.  Pasty. Thin, Solid.  Me.

But…. who…. were Justin and JoAnn?

A knock made me jump.  Wiping hair from my face, I pushed up off the bed and stumbled to the door.  A tall, auburn-haired boy stood in the hallway, awkward grin on his face. Behind him stood a forty-something woman and a nine-year girl.

He thrust out his hand.

“I’m your new roommate, Justin.  This is my Mom and my sister.  JoAnn.”

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