Poetry Moment


in memory of Mary Pulley

Autumn furs rings
winter rolls of fat
angled between
moth-battered windshield
and blue road.
Why did it choose to follow
this arbitrary path?
I cried for an hour afterwards:
something I had never done before,
not even for you.

The soft crunch
of collar bone
beneath wheels
like the soft plop
of you
beside the bed
a hundred miles away.

CS Knotts

October Continued

I did make time to slow down and enjoy the day.  I rode the bus half-way home after work and then walked the remainder of the way.  It took me 45 minutes but it was wonderful!


A beautiful fall day.  Not hot, not cold.  Just perfect.


A perfect day to slow down, take a deep breath and relish the colors of fall!


tree7 tree8tree3

I hope you get a chance to slow down and enjoy the colors around you.