Unforgettable Moments

There are unforgettable moments in life. A child’s joy at the first glimpse of the Christmas Tree after Santa comes. Learning to ride a bike for the first time. First love. The miracle of a new baby laid on your chest. A baby’s first words. First steps. The moment you discover the friend you never met but have known forever. Your wedding. Grandchildren.

The moment you look at your child and both of you burst out laughing because the two of you are the only ones who understand the joke. The moment you get your first ISBN. The first time you read a book that will be with you the rest of your life. The second time you read it and the third. And the time you read it to your child and he gets as teary as you always get.

I have found, as I grow older, that my unforgettable moments have turned, not necessarily simpler, but more inward. Walking along the beach at sunrise, alone, singing Peace Like A River and picking up trash. A sunset. Or sunrise. The moment when there are no sounds in the house and I am alone. Long silent afternoons doing yard work. Baking. Driving alone under a tunnel of autumn leaves. A cat curled on your chest, suckling the blanket until she falls asleep in a moment of cat bliss. The sun breaking through the clouds. Finding a beautiful autumn leaf and picking it up to feel the texture, to smell autumn.

I could go on because I realize now that every day is full of these moments. We just need to slow down long enough to find them. These are the moments which tell you life is good and worth living to the fullest. That life is a miracle and we are truly blessed for each of those moments and for those in between we might not always remember. That living a life of unforgettable moment is heaven.

What are your unforgettable moments?






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