A Mother’s Legacy or WWMD

It’s been over a year since my mother died. I no longer think about her death every moment of the day.  Now, it’s the little things which stop me in my tracks.  An old Christmas card with her signature.  A new Christmas without her signature.  My child calling on the phone, needing help, lost in the confusion of the world. I always want to say ‘figure it out on your own.’ I know I need to say ‘figure it out on your own.’  He needs to learn to stand on his own two feet, to take care of his problems, not to always think Mom will fix things for him.  But I think of my Mom and ask, ‘What would Mom do?’

She would have done anything and everything in her power to help her child. To help me. To protect me from the world and even from myself. She would also pick up a broom as soon as she entered my house and start sweeping. Or folding laundry. Waxing the floors. Going to the Grocery Store. I hope I’m not that compulsive of a cleaner in my children’s homes (when they get homes other than mine), but for the rest….. how can I argue with my mother?  How can I not follow her example?

Mothers are special.  My Mom was special and I hope, one day, I will be as special to my own young men. I hope every day that I can live up her to legacy.  To calmly say, ‘What can I do?’

WWMD – What Would Mom Do?  Not a bad way to live my life.

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