Can’t Stand Me

Daily Post – Can’t Stand Me

What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?


Can’t Stand Me

It wouldn’t have made any difference.  Video or Recording?  She hated them both. Matter of fact, today she hated everything. Herself. Her life. Mostly, she hated him for making her want to cry. Actual tears would have been worse, but wanting to was bad enough. He didn’t deserve her tears.  He wasn’t worth them.

She clicked the DVD back to life, cringing as she watched her alien self on the small screen. She longed to look away, but she couldn’t, because really, who was she, that woman? Some weird doppelganger looking like her on the surface but, like a movie set, fallow behind?

Clicking off the DVD, she rose, gathering her coat and purse.  She could hear his voice across the office and just the sound of it brought back all her earlier anger.

At the door, she glanced back, eyes drawn to the sound of his laugh.  His back was to her, head bent, listening intently to one of the other women in the office.  She’d never noticed how his hair brushed the top of his collar… and why would she?

Better her than me, she told herself.  Better her than me.

Stepping out into the dark, she headed for home.





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