Daily Post Prompt 1-21-2016 – Yawn!

( YAWN )


He stifled a yawn, third in a row, wishing he was anywhere but at the table listening to Professor Duncan drone on about the question “If you could choose to be raised by robots, dinosaurs, or aliens, who would you pick? Why?”

The question was college level certainly (not), but only in some form of creative writing class. He might also have been sold if such a question arose in philosophy or even, god forbid, religious studies. Astromony?Anthropology? But for a class in Astrophysics? Maybe because of the presence of robots?

Whatever. He stifled another yawn, forcing his eyes open. Duncan possessed the driest lecture style of anybody he’d ever heard. Behind him, Timothy started to snore.

He flipped pages in his text just in case there might be a suddenly lesson on child raising in the oddball family. Nope. Leaning back in his seat, his eyes gradually closed, unable to remain focus on the fascinating topic of robots and dinosaurs and aliens, oh my!


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