Daily Post Prompt 1-26-2016

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Life After Blogs


With a curse, he kicked the useless pile of junk once called a computer to the far side of the room. Almost convinced himself to toss it from the window and, if the room had had a window, he might have.

“Problems?” his office mate inquired casually, eyes going from the smashed computer to where he stood.

He snorted, mumbled something not fit for company.

Jackson chuckled. “Join the club, brother. Least yours lasted through the month, unlike mine.”

That didn’t make him feel better, but at least it stopped the grumbling. He sat heavily, rolling his chair into the aisle so he and Jackson could talk.

“This shouldn’t happen,” he complained, leaning his head back to stare at the ceiling.

Jackson shrugged. “Blame it on the government.”

“No excuse.”

“Yeah, right, well, tell them that. I don’t hear anything about their systems dying. Just happening to the rest of us.”

“Shit. Let’s start a revolution.”

Jackson looked hurried around, lowered his voice.  “Don’t say that.  Somebody hears you…”

“You going to turn me in?”

“No idiot, besides me.”

Jackson kicked his shoe and both men fell silent for a moment. Things weren’t good. The power grid on which the world relied began failing a years ago.  Street lights and traffic signals were the first to go, followed swiftly by neon lights, any other outdoor lights; light, heat and air conditioning in homes and businesses. Now, but for lanterns and the last horded flashlights, the world lay in darkness.

Some thought that would be the end of it, but the power continued to fail. Computers started to fail two months ago, a long wave sweeping the country.

Jackson reached back into his cubicle and pulled out a pad of papers and a pencil. Handed them over. “Here you go. Enjoy!”

With a grumbled, he turned back to his desk, hoping to hell he remembered how to write.


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