Friday 2-5 -2016 Prompt – Create your own National/International Day and spread the news.  Limited to 500 words.

DEADLINE IS:23:59 EST (New York Time) Wednesday.

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A Day At The Beach


She looked back, eyes sparkling sunlight. “Really.”

“National Skip a Shell Day?” He spread his hands wide. “You can’t skip a shell. It’s not aerodynamic.”

She rose from her crouch, shimmering white shell in one hand. “That’s because you don’t believe you can.”

“Belief has nothing to do with it,” he replied, dropping his hands.  “A thing is or it isn’t.  Things don’t change weight or mass.”

“They do if you believe they do.”

He ran his hands through his hair, leaving behind a messy tangle of blonde over blue.

She started to run, long legs flashing in the sun. For a moment, she almost looked like a deer bounding gracefully across the sand, and then she was just herself. Weird and crazy and beautiful; the girl he’d never have or understand.

Still, he jogged after her, sea and wind whistling in his ears. Stumbling up a sand dune, he paused to catch his breath. Looking down the other side, his eyes widened.

Brightly painted booths stood scattered over the sand. The delicious scent of popcorn and hot dogs rose to his nose. The sweetness of baking muffins and spun cotton candy joining in with the tantalizing scent of fresh baked bread. Everything seemed to be laughing: the bright rays of the sun, the blue sky, the far distant fluff of clouds. Fiddle music and the sound of the surf crashing with a boom, boom, boom. A long line of children laughed and danced, skipping shells across the waves easy as he used to skip stones on the pond back home.

Skipping shells?  Joy broke inside him.  Maybe one could skip shells. Maybe…. But when he reached the bottom of the dune, nothing was left but wet sand and grey sky.  The distant laughter of children. A lone seagull suspended in sky.

























































































































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