National Weed Appreciation Day… March 28th

Who knew??

It's All in Finding the Right Words


Shame on you… I know what you were thinking.

No… Not that kind of weed!

We’re talking…

  • Yallow … even though the yallow has beautifully-minute white flowers
  • The daisy weed … again, a lovely daisy flower on top
  • The creeping thistle… The pricks are awful, but the purple blossom is lovely! We like roses?
  • Ground ivy… It smells great when you mow it! We plant lavender for its smell on purpose?
  • Greater plantain… They have splendid towers of green seed pods
  • Selfheal… an irksome weed with a gorgeous purple flower
  • The creeping buttercup… aren’t buttercups a nice flower?
  • Sheep’s sorrel… with a fine pinkish-red seed pod tower
  • Common ragworts… a weed with intricate star-shaped flowers
  • The dandelion with its brilliant yellow buds stretching toward the sky
  • White clover… I thought that a four-leafer was to bring luck?

I wonder who decided…

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