Sunday Photo Fiction – March 27th 2016


I stood back, lips pursed in what I hoped was a thoughtful look. What the heck could I say about this latest hair-brained scheme And the tears after?

“It’s… red.”

“Just think,” she crowed. “Galaxy Transportation in bold letters across the side.”

“Won’t it be hard to drive or eh…whatever?”

She slapped my shoulder. “Not with the new engine. She’ll fly straight, get us to the destination quick-as-a-wink.”


“Realized carbonization. Break proof.”


She laughed. “Rubberized galglootamate. Ready for the maiden flight?”

“Well…. I do have errands to run….”

She grabbed my arm, pulling me forward. “It won’t be bad, I promise.”

“Like a crash isn’t bad,” I mumbled, letting her drag me towards the bus. I settled back into the front seat, snapping closed the seat belt.



The engine sputtered several times and then roared to life. The bus shook and rattled before lurching to a start, barreling down the road, picking up speed. The next thing I knew the bus wobbled once, twice, then slowly began to rise off the pavement. The ground fell away below us.

“What the…?”

With a whoop, she yelled, “Mars here we come!”





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