The opening sentence for the April 7th Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: “What is that peculiar smell?”  Please use this sentence (or this thought) somewhere in your flash. This challenge is open until 11:00 pm Friday night, April 15th, 2016.

To learn more, click here.

“What is that peculiar smell?”



“Hush.” A whisper. “He can hear you breathe.”

A head cocked. “So why,” in just as quiet a whisper, “am I worried about being quiet?”

“Because I’m tired of listening to you talk.”

“Oh!” Then a few second later. “Well, you didn’t have to be rude.”

“Trust me, that wasn’t rude. You’d know rude if I was rude.”

A few moments later, “So what was that?”


Ignored. “What was that?”

“What was hush?”

“No, what was that if it wasn’t rude.”

“Oh, me being polite.”

Snort. “You’re bonkers.”

“No, not me.”

“Yes you. Bonkers.”

“Would you…” Voice raising to a squeak then falling silent, paw over mouth.

“Hush now.”


“He can smell you.”


“Uh-oh…” Hurried. “It’s been  nice chatting but I’ve gotta…Run!” Diving back into the den with a squeak.

Jaws closed around a neck. Crunch.




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