Quote For The Day 4-29-2016


7 thoughts on “Quote For The Day 4-29-2016

    • It’s not about finding some ‘second nature,’ but about finding your true self inside and allowing that self to infuse your writing. Thanks for coming by and commenting. Glad the quote made your think.


      • Yes, it did. Upon rereading my comment, I find it quite confusing. But I think you did understand what the heart of my comment is. I have lived long. That might be the reason I don’t understand why so many people feel that they have not yet discovered their true self. At my age I better have found myself or I’ll die being someone besides me! I’m joking. Don’t take me too seriously. I know you come to my place often enough to know me; okay, I admit it, I do have a secret or two. 😀 😀

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