Daily Post One Word Prompt – Shadow


The  Midnight  Hour, Part 5

“I told you, it was an accident.”

“But you were there?”


“The two of you fought.”

“No… yes…. but only argued. No punches.”

“Only a push.”

“No! No pushes. He fell! He stumbled and fell down the fucking hill.”

“Now, son, the sooner you tell me the truth, the better you’ll feel. Words got heated. You pushed and he fell down the hill. You didn’t mean it. It was an accident, but you pushed him.”


“Then who did?”

“Nobody!  It was him and me and….”

The Sheriff’s hand tamped down the pause button on the recorder. “You watch what you say about my daughter in here. You understand me, son?”

Bobby nodded, eyes shadowed. The Sheriff started the recording again.

“Tell me again why you two were arguing.”

“Stuff…just stuff. Nothing important.”

“Isn’t it true you were arguing over a girl? You were angry at Mark because he was cutting into your action. Moving in on your girl? Pissed you off.”

“Yes, but….”


“We argued.  I told you that. Okay, it was over a girl, but I wasn’t that angry.”

“What does ‘that angry’ mean?”

“Angry enough to….”

“Kill him? Mark, your supposed best friend. Push him over the lip of the hill and watch him tumble and fall, watch him hit that rock and break his neck. You stood there and watched him die, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but…”

“Did you go down the hill?  Did you even try to see if he was alive or dead?”


“Why not?”

“I could tell.”

“Tell what?”

“He was dead.”

“That’s right. He was dead.  You killed your best friend over a girl.”

Far in the distance, the whine of a siren startled the night. Bobby walked out, heading to his car.




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