JSW Prompt 5-15-2016


Feel free to jump in with your ideas. I post responses to my blog.

“Why not?  He looks like a nice dragon?”

“Nice?  Dragons don’t come in nice.”

“He’s well dressed.”

“Dude, those are scales.”


“Really? Some days you slay me.”

“Come on,  he is a perfectly nice dragon. If you are scared, I’ll ask him myself.”

“I am not scared. I am just…. smart.”


“Smarter than you obviously.”


“Go right ahead. I have pencil and paper.”

“Really!”  He walked away.

I prepared to write.

“Excuse me, Sir Dragon…. if you  might k now the way to…”

“Dear Mrs. Singe,  I regret to inform you your son died this morning fried like a crispy critter. He was brave and honest and true and blah, blah, blah. Once he cools, I shall – with honor and dignity – scrape together his ashes and send them home post-haste.

Sincerely,  Sir Hero.”

It was a dirty job, but job security being what is was these day, important beyond measure.


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