Sunday photo Fiction – May 15th 2016

The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story/poem or something using around 200 words with the photo as a guide.


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We boarded the skybus first thing Monday morning, just before it pulled away from the Fourth Street MetroSky station. Maria watched the wilderness outside the city’s wall.

“What’s down there?” she asked.

All cubs went through a phrase of fascination with the Wilds.

“Looks scary,” said the man beside me, only it came out “Looksssssss  ssssssssssscary.”

If lizards were meant to talk, God would have given them normal lips and tongue.

“It’s dangerous,” I said. It was never too early, or late, to remind cubs of the dangers in the Wilds.

“I want to go down.” Like every other kit and cub I’d ever known.

“The creatures would kill you and eat you.”

“Euuuuh!” Quick recovery. “But the airbus is safe?”


“Can’t the creatures climb the poles?”

“They aren’t made to climb like your uncle Wally and his crew. It’s dangerous work, but impossible to bring down from below. That keeps little cubs like you safe.” I tapped her nose and she sneezed.

Next moment, she was curled up against me, fast asleep. I stroked her fur for a moment and then pulled out Farewell to Paws, settling in for the remaining hours of the trip.


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