Friday Fictioneers 17 June 2016





The Piano Tamer

The piano tamer never met a piano he couldn’t tame. One bang upon the keys and the most unruly piano calmed beneath his hands. The Morrison’s piano changed everything. It stood behind the store because it stirred up the other instruments, drove them all unruly.

He approached the piano confidently, laying hands upon the keys with the assurance of a master. The Morrison’s piano was cranky. The Morrison’s piano was angry. The Morrison’s piano seemed to think a revolution needed to be made.

The Morrison’s  piano sucked him in with ivory teeth and swallowed him whole. He’s a legend these days, a bitter memory of the last days before pianos took over the world.


20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 17 June 2016

  1. I love this piece! Such a wonderfully creative, humorous, quirky imagination. An invitation to allow these bizarrely humorous images of mine to flow on to paper or into photos. Thanks for the inspiration

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  2. Interesting piece of work. Always wanted to do “flash fiction,” if you will, but never seem to find those twenty minutes or so of quiet solitude where I can just let my mind roam and create.
    Enjoyed the post.


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