JSW Prompt 7-7-2016

Feel free to add your own story in the comments.  I’ll post it on my site. Enjoy!


I drank my smoothie, but I didn’t stop complaining, at least in my head. I wasn’t some goody-two-shoes by any means, but I considered myself a decent man. And decent men didn’t just kill another person for… what? Why had we killed him?

I glanced over at  Morris, deciding not to ask. Pissy face warned he didn’t want to be questioned further, barely wanted to talk.

Not a problem. The sooner I was shuck of him, the better. The question was how to shuck him without losing the kernels shaping me into a decent man.  A good man….. An okay man.

He’d sucked me, but I’d allowed it to happen. He never held anything over my head; no wife or child to threaten; no bullet carved with my name if I refused.  I guess I was curious. Could I take a life?  What did it feel like to kill a man?

Trust me, I found out.

Forget sin and repentance. How did one repent, anyway? Seven billion, okay, but didn’t our man have just as much right to live as the other six billion, ninety-nine million and change?

He rose, moving out towards the car. I followed, rain flooding the back of my collar, splashing down onto the dark street.

I shot him once in the back. The second to the back of the head.

Live and die by the bullet, baby.

So I was just an average man.  Six billion, ninety-eight million. I could live with that.

Time for the student to become the master.








2 thoughts on “JSW Prompt 7-7-2016

  1. This seems a case of teacher beware, for you student has out grown you. I do hope that this guy is not your average fellow, if he is we are in for trouble.6

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