FFfAW Challenge – Snippets

Week of 07-12 through 07-18-2016

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Phylor.

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Snip, Snip, Snippets

He sat silent in the small station, listening to the bad (horrible) music looping the scratchy sound-system. It would be nice if it played one complete song. Didn’t matter which song, just so it was complete.

He rubbed his eyes. Last man on earth, he reminded himself, waiting for the midnight train to Tipperary. No, different song. Tired. Worn out. Alone.

This was good. Mixing songs. Too tired to even remember straight.

Bright light flash-bulbed the room. He stared at the man arrayed before him, lit all over, wings, chiseled chin, the whole caboodle.

“I come as your guardian angel,” Lightman declared dramatically.


“Sorry, I’ve already got one.”


“No, really. Position filled. No more applicants please.”

Ever seen a light deflate? He hadn’t either until that moment.


He held up a hand. “Nope, filled, closed, goodbye.”

Lightman turned and shuffled out, wingtips dragging.

“Cut! Perfect!”

“Somebody cut off that damned music!”




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