JSW Prompt 9 – 28 – 2016


Story of my life. Head denser than bullet-proof glass and just as stubborn. How many times was I up to now, on this particular mistake?

Oh, probably six or seven, if I’d counted right. More if I hadn’t.

Before you get the wrong idea, let me say  1)  I am not a thief and 2) … well I’ll get to two when it comes necessary. I was raised on truth and respect and justice, but none of them stuck, much to my parents dismay.

It is more fun to be a rogue. Rogues can do most anything without being called on their actions. Those bright, honest, citizens walk the taunt line of respectability, terrified to  step to one side or another. I just jiggle and juggle between them, jounce here, hip-check there, tweak to a bottom.

Smart as I am, I just wasn’t smart enough.  I called home.  I didn’t mean to, I didn’t set out to, but my fingers just pushed the right buttons and I was afraid to hang up.

Magges answered. “Hello?”

I remained silent, frozen more like, heart crashing into the bars of my ribs like tides on rocks. Maggie. It was then the reality hit me. I would never see Maggie again, nor the kids, the dog, cat or fish.


In the background, the dog sneezed, dishes clattering – dinner – the magpie chatter of the kids.

“Quiet,” Maggie shouted, “Off to baths all of you.”

Speaking of mistakes…

“Kevin?” Maggs asked, voice hushed. “Is that you?”

I said nothing.

“Kev?”  Dropped to a whisper. Tears in her voice. “Oh, Kevin, why? Couldn’t you have listened for once?”

My stubborn head again. I opened my mouth, but nothing came, not even, ‘I’m sorry.’ I hung up.

Goodby, Maggs. Maybe one day I can come home. For real. For ever.

Mostly, my brain jiggles…

And so we finally come to number 2….







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