Daily Post One Word Prompt – Artificial 10-23-2016


The artificial feel of the grass was the first clue she and I might not be right for each other. That and, oh, whole bunches of other things. Not like it was a very good time to be harboring such thoughts, not with her all gussied up and ready to step out of the house on her father’s arm.

How the hell did I get myself into these messes? And how the hell was I going to get out of this one?  Holy heck on a stick.

I looked around as all the guests settled into the chairs lined up in her parents back yard, flowers and crepe paper and crap all over the place. And fricking lilies.

No wonder I couldn’t stop sneezing.  As long as her father didn’t come out with a shot-gun, I guess lilies weren’t so bad after all. Maybe I’d just swell up in an allergic reactions and, in the confusion, roll myself right out of here and beyond.

I glanced at the men stationed by the gates, guns in hand.  What could I do but smile and wave? Neither action was returned. Bad. Very bad.

I know you are probably thinking I was an idiot to get into this situations, but I never knew any of this crap about her father and….. friends. Not until too late, that is.

The music started and she stepped out the sliding door, father beaming at her side. His eyes met mine and I grinned like an idiot, running through the limited choices available to me. Get married and live. Refuse and die. Humph.

Bet even you know the answer to that one.

I wonder how much it would cost for a divorce?

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