FFfAW Challenge – Week of October 25, 2016

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photo-20161023080618814This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan Z

They stood on the sidewalk, staring at the house before them. Sure the price had been good, almost too good, and they’d been foolish to buy it sight unseen, but….

“It is….new,” she offered in a quiet voice.


“And chain link isn’t really bad.  It looks…… shiny.”


“I know it’s not the two story Victorian we wanted, but we can make it home.”


“You’ll see,” she said, tucking her hand into his elbow. “We can plant flowers and a few bushes and maybe a tree out back. I know you always wanted trees around and we can plant them. Create a whole backyard of shade.”

Still nothing more than a grunt.

“Once the builders are gone, taking away their trucks and trash and such, it will be nice. They’ll seed the lawn, you know. We can put up one of those tall wooden fence so nobody can see in the back yard. You can graze all you want.”

She grasp his hand.  “Come on, let’s go see…….”


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