Quote For The Day 12-21-2016

“You can either complain about how hard your life is, or you can realize that only you are responsible for it.”
Glenn Beck, The Christmas Sweater

3 thoughts on “Quote For The Day 12-21-2016

  1. Mebbe so. No. Actually that saying is quite true. It doesn’t help when one can’t see another possibility for change though. When there is no possible way to change whatever it is that is complaint worthy. The enormity of responsibility can overwhelm and then render a person mute, immobile and only wishing for death. That’s why (in my opinion only) that so many choose suicide as an alternative to trying to work out what to them has become an unsolvable situation. I’ve been there recently. Yesterday I was so frustrated with a certain annoyance that if it weren’t for the dog, I would have gone in the garage, taken the handful of pills I have hoarded for that special day, eaten them, and turned on the car and left it running and gone to sleep, hopefully never to wake again in this world. Don’t know that I would have succeeded, but it would have been better than knowing nobody heard me. That at the present time there is no solution to the problem I face. Knowing that my problems are so insignificant in comparison to others woes that I’m an asshole for even complaining at all. It’s a choice true, and the chronic whiners are a burden, but sometimes that’s the only way they feel heard at all. And trust me, they know the only ones listening are themselves.


    • I’m sorry you have had such a rough time. I have to admit, I have never considered suicide for myself, but I have characters who dance on the edge of it on a daily basis. Maybe it seems better than nobody hearing you, but how do you know nobody heard? I hear you. Your problems are NOT insignificant regardless of whether others have easier or harder problems. It shouldn’t be your problems against somebody elses’ problems. Please don’t think nobody hears you. I hear you. Anything I can do to help you, please let me know.


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