Word Of The Day 12-30-2016



A tumult; fray; flight; struggle; row; disturbance.



from- Wordnik Word of the Day


6 thoughts on “Word Of The Day 12-30-2016

    • Examples from Wordnik

      Seaforth profited by the confusion to take the delinquent who had caused this “stramash” by the arm, and to lead him to the lawn, where he had a word or two for his private ear.

      It must be a mark of how I’ve managed to cut down on my interwebs time-wasting that until yesterday I was completely unaware of the big online stramash that this was born out of.

      “When a penalty kick is saved and the ball rebounds off the goalkeeper and back into play there is often something of a stramash in the penalty area, and yet despite the melee I dont think I’ve ever seen a referee immediately award another penalty as a result of further foul play,” writes James Crane.

      I remain unpersuaded that there’s much point to the Chilcot Inquiry and the stramash over Lord Goldsmith’s interpretation of the legal case for toppling Saddam does little to change that.

      “Yon wee stramash didna do it any good,” he admitted, massaging the shoulder with his free hand.

      They must all be killed or disabled, and then it would be a matter of rowing the damn boat back out to the ship-where all aboard would doubtless have noticed the stramash taking place on shore, and be prepared either to drop a cannonball through the bottom of the boat or to wait for them to haul alongside and then pick them off from the rail with small-arms fire, like sitting ducks.

      Anyhow there was a shake and a roar and a general stramash, and I found myself miles away underground and wedged in as tight as tight.

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