Daily Post One Word Prompt – Tempted- 1-5-2017


Gone, Part 2

He’d been tempted, yeah. What man in his right mind, even a married man, wouldn’t have been when the offer came tied in such a beautiful bow? Now he knew what the beautiful bow had concealed, but it was too late. He’d been snared and didn’t have any real choice in the matter.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

He could have refused, could have walked away, but they knew where he lived, had pictures of Susan, leveled threats he knew they meant.

He’d thought, stupidly, he just need to help a few times and then go home, but that hadn’t been the case. A year now and to infinity.

He looked around, wanting to scratch his new-growing beard, but didn’t. One wrong step. He’d been living with that phrase for months now. One wrong step and you know what will happen.

He did, oh yeah. And he’d do anything to keep his wife safe. He’d wanted to tell her in the months they’d given him to tie up his affairs, make her think he was leaving for another woman, but he knew what would happen. The only way to ensure her safety was to remain quiet.

And so he had, walking away from everything which had ever meant anything to him. Susan, job, friends and family. He’d spent their marriage taking care of her, giving her whatever she wanted to make her happy. One, because he could, and two, to keep her safe with a wall of money between them and the world.

God, he’d been such a stupid shit.


He frowned; hated earpieces. It was them watching over his shoulder. Straight and narrow. Eyes on the prize. Staying alive.

He shook his head, running a hand through new-blacked hair, and stepped off the curve, walking quick and confident to the First Bank of Farmingham.* He had fifty minutes. Taking a steadying breath, he opened the door and stepped inside.

Gone, Part 1


  • The First Bank of Farmingham, though a real bank, is entirely fictionalized for this story.



11 thoughts on “Daily Post One Word Prompt – Tempted- 1-5-2017

  1. athling2001, this is really intriguing! It’s a longer story than you often write, am I correct? (I’m thinking of Part 1 and Part 2 together) I really liked the way you took us into the main character’s emotions in Part 1, and how you complemented her view of the story with this one from the husband’s point of view. Nice!

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    • Thanks. Normally, I write longer fiction, but flash fiction challenges me to cut the story to the core. It’s great practice and I find I am enjoying it. I hope to get to Part 3 soon. The Midnight Hour ( a story in 10 parts) is the longest I’ve done on this blog.

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  2. Hey athling2001, have you considered our “Cinderella”-theme collaborative project? I’d love to see your take on re-imagining this old folk tale, either a very short-short story, or one a little longer (your choice). Or a poem! (Haiku from the POV of the lost slipper? he he) Take a look, we’d love you to participate! Invitation here: https://tjbarkerseattle.wordpress.com/2016/12/27/invitation-write-your-own-cinderella-story/

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