Quote For The Day 1-29-2017

We do not see our universe as it is, we see the universe as we are.
~David Lewis Anderson

5 thoughts on “Quote For The Day 1-29-2017

    • I seem to keep finding this quote – only with different words – so I’m thinking it’s something I need to hear and learn. But then again, it is true. If we see the world as a battlefield, then it is. If we see it as a beautiful garden, then that is what our world becomes.

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      • You are absolutely right about this idea, athling2001! Never better said. … and, this quote might come in handy for this little story I started using your other “universe” quote, a story about Leon who leaves the universe…!

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      • Something like:

        Before him stood a tall lumpy obelisk-type object, black as midnight, while around him swirled icy tufts of fog. It was like being in some B-science-fiction movie from the ’50s. Leon stared at the obelisk object, trying to decide if it was something he could use to get back home. Suddenly he heard a voice speak from within the obelisk.

        It said, “We do not see our universe as it is, we see the universe as we are.”

        Huh. What the hell did that mean?

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