Word Of The Day 2-25-2017


crap·u·lous \ˈkra-pyə-ləs\
Popularity: Bottom 40% of words

Definition of crapulous

  1. marked by intemperance especially in eating or drinking

  2. sick from excessive indulgence in liquor

Examples of crapulous in a sentence

  1. <a crapulous wastrel who went through the family’s once-fabulous fortune in less than a decade>

Did You Know?

Crapulous may sound like a word that you shouldn’t use in polite company, but it actually has a long and perfectly respectable history (although it’s not a particularly kind way to describe someone). It is derived from the Late Latin adjective crapulosus, which in turn traces back to the Latin word crapula, meaning “intoxication.” “Crapula” itself comes from a much older Greek word for the headache one gets from drinking. “Crapulous” first appeared in print in 1536. Approximately 200 years later, its close cousin “crapulence” arrived on the scene as a word for sickness caused by drinking. “Crapulence” later acquired the meaning “great intemperance especially in drinking,” but it is not an especially common word.

Origin and Etymology of crapulous

Late Latin crapulosus, from Latin crapula intoxication, from Greek kraipalē
First Known Use: 1536

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