Saturday Grammar Goof 3-4-2017



2 thoughts on “Saturday Grammar Goof 3-4-2017

  1. BWAHAHAHHA!! I actually love those kind of signs. There is a local diner type restaurant in town that has a large two sided sign out front. They post their daily specials on it. In the past weeks I’ve seen “Spagetti” (cringed at that one. It honestly hurt me to look at it…and I noticed that a bit later in the day the “H” had been added); also Stuffed pepprs (I don’t know why they left the ‘e’ was the same on both sides too)…and there are more. I’ve seen these types of sign problems on buses and on billboards. And I think today’s ‘editors’ must be those who text a lot or never heard of grammar (and aren’t a member of the grammar or spelling police ((I am a proud member of both heh heh )) because the mistakes are becoming more frequent. Thanks for the laugh! 😀

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    • They are fun to see, but still grind against my Grammar/Spelling sensibilities. The computer age is good for many things, but not for language and grammar. Thanks for your comments.


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