Word Of The Day 3-9-2017


fu·ga·cious \fyü-ˈgā-shəs\
Popularity: Bottom 40% of word
Definition of fugacious
  1. lasting a short time :evanescent

  2. passing quickly away; transitory; fleeting

  3. (Botany) botany lasting for only a short time: fugacious petals.


Examples of fugacious in a sentence

  1. <savor the fugacious pleasures of life as intensely as the more enduring ones>

  2. You say you’ll wear your trendy new jeans for years but the truth is, their style is so fugacious you’ll feel silly in them long before they wear out.
  3. When you live in Maine, the summer seems fugacious, and after looking forward all year to your senior prom, you’ll find the night so fugacious that it seems to last only an hour.


Did You Know?

Fugacious is often used to describe immaterial things like emotions, but not always. Botanists, for example, use it to describe plant parts that wither or fall off before the usual time. Things that are fugacious are fleeting, and etymologically they can also be said to be fleeing. Fugaciousderives from the Latin verb fugere, which means “to flee.” Other descendants of “fugere” include “fugitive,” “refuge,” and “subterfuge.”







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