Saturday Grammar Goof 3-11-2017

Not sure I’d want my kids going to this school!


And, because I ran across this in my search, here is a Grammar Chortle!





6 thoughts on “Saturday Grammar Goof 3-11-2017

  1. HAHAHHA!! Oh my goodness! Thanks for the chuckle! There’s a movie out entitled “Meet The Millers” or something (has Jennifer Aniston and that kid with weird eyebrows in it..) about a pot dealer who takes his fake family to bring weed from Mexico into America..anyway at one point the daughter hooks up with this sketchy guy and the guy has a tattoo reading “No Ragrets” across his chest near his collar bone..the ‘father’ asks him if he really has no regrets…not even one letter..cracked me up. Because I can see that happening to someone with the ‘leteracy’ problem in America…

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