JSW Prompt 3-19-2017



Apparently so, given his facial contortions.

“Haven’t you a serious bone?”

I laughed. That could so go the wrong way. “I’ve got lots of bones, ” I said instead, “But I’ve never known one to be serious.”

“Color me surprised.”

“Blue maybe? Or red… maybe meadowlark….”

He sighed.

I rolled…. “Oh, damn, I did it again .”

I could almost hear his thoughts, he was projecting so loud. As well ask why the sun rises in the west or sets in the south. Why the sky is green and flowers puke.

“Come on, Doc, you know you love me.”

“Love is a very liquid concept.”

“Gotcha,” I laughed, sliding sideways, head hanging off the side of the couch. I rolled my eyes at him, grinning upside down.

“It’s time to go back to your room,” he said, rising from behind his stalwart desk. “Austin will take you.”

My eyes rolled and rolled and rolled……..





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