JSW Prompt 3-28-2017

Feel free to jump in and tackle the prompt yourself. Please keep your posts under 300 words. If you link back to this post, I will re-blog your post to my site. This JSW Prompt goes until Sunday.


“It wasn’t a question?”

“No? Then why did you put the question mark at the end?”

“You can’t see that when I talk.”

Lucy cocked her head. “Yeah, I can. I’m magical like that. So let’s start again. Is that blood?”

Think quick.  “Yes, it is blood, Lucy, but, sadly to say, not nearly enough to bleed me dry.”


“Both of you, shut up,” Marcus commanded, looking at his two… companions. It would be too much to call them anything else. Yet.

“Come here,” he ordered John. He quickly checked the man over, determined there were no other wounds, and field dressed the cut in his leg.

“How the hell did you do that?” he asked.

“Hum….” Think quicker. “I fell on a thistle.”

Lucy snorted laughter.

Marcus glared. “Okay, can we get back on track or do we need to listen to the ‘John and Lucy Show?'”

He signaled for Lucy to go right, John left, to either side of the building before them. He hunkered down where he was, tracking the two as they moved. Awkwardly. Clumsily.

Time to come to Jesus.

Aiming carefully, he shot both in the chest.


Lucy sat up a moment later, fingering the hole in her jacket. With a curse, John did the same.

“What the…” he scowled. No way were they supposed to get shot, but thank god for body armor.

“Amen,” Marcus said and walked away.

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