Word Of The Day 4-6-2017


om·ni·cide \ˈämnə̇ˌsīd\
Popularity: Bottom 20% of words

 The total extinction of the human species as a result of human action. Most commonly it refers to human extinction through nuclear warfare, but it can also refer to such extinction through other means such as global anthropogenic ecological catastrophe and Lethargica.


If we realize that genocide and, what many experts are calling omnicide – eventual human extinction by human action – is taking place?

No More DU, No More Hiroshimas, No More Nagasakis

Ecocide, or perhaps biocide, or perhaps omnicide, would be an act exterminating not just all humans, but the entire circle of life on planet earth itself.
Tad Daley: Apollo or Extinction

We must act in our own self-defense “immediately, before humankind exterminates itself in an act of nuclear omnicide.”
Francis A. Boyle’s “Protesting Power – War, Resistance and Law”


The word ‘omnicide’ is a formed from ‘omni-‘ (‘all’) + ‘-cide’ (kill).




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