Friday Fictioneers 4-10-2017



PHOTO PROMPT © Jellico’s Stationhouse

Shadows can be right funny. Something about’em makes me shiver. See, I can never tell if its the shadowed thing or the shadow which is real.

Truth is, things are disappearing these days. People, bikes, houses. Leaving only shadows behind. Seems, I’m the only one noticing and folks are starting to stay away. See, at mid-day, shadows are supposed to go and reappear later. Now, they aren’t reappearing. Nowhere. We’re being kilt by shadows. Fading away and then – snap – gone.

Mines been fading for days. Soon, I’ll be gone, too. Don’t know where or why, not tills I get there and thens too late. Leastwise, I won’t be alone no more.


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