JSW Prompt Week of 4-10-2017


“How the hell can you ‘accidentally’ adopt five cats?”

“Well, see it went like this.”

He sighed, knowing the story was going to be long and drawn out. They always were.

“I went to the SPCA to get the kitten, you know,  like we talked about. And when I was there, it was like the one little kitten is going to get so lonely while we’re at work and things. Which would be horrible. You agree, right?”

“Yes, I suppose it would be horrible, but 5? How did you get from 2 to five.”

“Let me tell you.  It was Adopt-One-Get-One-Free-Day.”

“Adopt-One-Get-One-Free-Day?” He hadn’t heard this one before. Creative.

“Yes. Adopt one kitten and get another one free. You know they have so many kittens there this time of the year. It’s just horrible how people just let their pets roam about and reproduce without any thought to the poor kittens and puppies….”

“Wait. You didn’t get a puppy, too, did you?”

“No, no puppies thought there was this really…”

“Back to kittens.” Stay on target.

“Okay, well it was Adopt-One-Get-One-Free-Day. Adopt one kitten and get a second free. A little kitten free. Giving the poor little thing a good home. You don’t want them to be killed do you?”

“The shelter is no-kill.”

“Right. So I picked out the two kittens.” Pointing to one of the tabby-colored kittens and a little one black as midnight.

He pointed to the other three.

“And then the lady told me that the other little tabby was our little tabby’s sister and I didn’t want to break up the family. That would be so horrible. The poor little things would never understand.”

“Okay. So you got the other tabby and, since it was Adopt-One-Get-One-Free-Day, you got another one just to be its friend.”


He pointed to the last kitten, a little calico daintily washing a paw.

“Well, look at her. She’s so adorable and she looked so small and sad behind the wire of the cage and…”

“Did you get a sixth kitten?”

“Yes, technically.”

He groaned.

“But… wait…”

Rubbing his hand over his eyes, he waited.

“I knew five was more than we planned, but…”

He waved a hand in a move-on gesture.

“I gave him to a little girl whose Mom couldn’t afford a kitten. The poor little thing was crying so hard and her face just lit up. Her Mom was so thankful…”

“Wait.” He looked at her. Looked at the five kittens tumbling and playing on the floor. “You amaze me sometimes.”


“Because, I love you so much and,” he sighed. “I just can’t be mad at you.”

“I knew you’d fall in love with them.”

He rose, heading back to his computer; stopped and looked back from the doorway. “I may love you,” he told her, “but I’m not cleaning out litter boxes.”

In a tumble, the five kittens followed him back to his office.


Amazingly enough, this was how we got two of our cats.


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