Word Of The Day 4-13-2014





The worship of trees

dendrology – a treatise on trees; the natural history of trees.

dendrometer – an instrument for measuring trees.


Even without linking up to a pre-existent dendrolatry, to tree-deities, nàgas, and yakßas, it would have been quite a natural thing for a teacher like Gotama to favour solitary shady trees for contemplation, and lovely groves and orchards for  …

Albertina Nugteren, 2005

Actual tree worship (dendrolatry), as well as the tree functioning as a vegetal symbol of spiritual reality, are familiar themes in much early European folk ritual and mythology (James 1966, 1968). These were symbols that later became very  …


dendr- (from Ancient Greek δένδρον (dendron, “tree”)) + -o- (Ancient Greek interfix) + -latry (from Ancient Greek λατρεία (latreia, “worship”))






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