Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 4-24-2017

Guide for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

1. A prompt photo will be provided each Tuesday to be used as a base to your story. Please include photo prompt with your story.

2. Linking for this challenge begins on Tuesday and runs to the following Monday evening. 

photo-20170417154624695This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan

Peter kicked the wagon wheel, glaring down at the next-door-neighborhood suburbs. “This has got to be the worst western landmark ever.”

“According to this,” Susan corrected, “this was where Custer made his last stand.”

“In Omaha?”

She pointed out the passage in the guidebook.

“Babe, Custer’s Last Stand was in Montana.”

“You sure?”

“History major here, remember.”

She looked over at the wagon.

“So what happened here?”

He kicked at the wagon wheel, walked around to the other side.

“In Honor of the Largest Pumpkin in Calvert County.  95 lbs. 1999. Grown by Grover C McDonald, Farmer.”


He chuckled. “Yep. Probably the only Pumpkin Memorial in the USA. You always find the coolest spots.”  Wrapped an arm around her. “Come on, babe, I’ll buy you some pumpkin pie.”






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