Word Of The Day 5-5-2017


noun lem·nis·cate \lem-ˈni-skət\
Popularity: Bottom 30% of words


The infinity symbol (∞).

In ichthyology, having a hyaline or transparent appearance and ribbonlike form; of or relating to the Lemniscati: as, a lemniscate fish.

(I left out the mathematical definitions because they made my head spin.)


Above the Magician’s head was the figure-eight shaped lemniscate, the sign of infinity, glowing golden against a background of lilies.
Dark Oracle

Some projective-geometrical considerations concerning the lemniscate are to be found in the previously mentioned writings of G. Adams and L. L.cher-Ernst.
Man or Matter

About the epoch of maximum of sun-spots they are large and nearly circular, having the same character as the curves for the summer months; whilst about the time of sun-spot minimum they are small and lemniscate-shaped, with a striking resemblance to the curves for the winter months.

It’s not just any lemniscate, but the Lemniscate of Gerono: the infinity symbol which has a double point of origin and curves back on itself.
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Because we can still learn from the children, as it should be, like the lemniscate, the great infinity loop.
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New Latin lemniscata, from feminine of Latin lemniscatus with hanging ribbonsFirst Known Use: circa 1781


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