Word Of The Day 5-7-2017




smack somebody with a fish


I cornobbled Jason with a trout.

I found little else about this word (except for mentions), but couldn’t toss it out because what language doesn’t need a word for smacking somebody with a fish?

I did find reference to cornnobble in “A glossary of dialect & archaic words used in the County of Gloucester. Edited by Lord Moreton” at https://archive.org/stream/glossaryofdialec25robeuoft/glossaryofdialec25robeuoft_djvu.txt

Anybody have any other information?

6 thoughts on “Word Of The Day 5-7-2017

  1. Oh yeah! I know I’m gonna be able to use this in my everyday conversation… Hahahaaaa 🙂
    Who’d have thought there’d be a need for this word??? Well, somebody did…!
    Who would have been that man??? 🙂


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