“I Am Brave” 30 Day Challenge Day 4 6-2-2017

I Am Present


Take a mindful moment to count 5 slow breaths in a row.

It’s harder than you may think. Here’s a guide for The One-Minute Meditation:

Breathing in through the nose,
Breathing out through the mouth.

Breathing in feeling the lungs expanding,
Breathing out feeling a sense of letting go.

Breathing in to feel the body getting fuller,
Breathing out to feel the release of any tension.

Breathing in feeling alive and awake,
Breathing out feeling muscles relaxing.

Breathing in that sense of fullness,
Breathing out that unnecessary tension in the body and mind.


A past moment that left me feeling powerless or afraid and how can I let go of that limiting past experience based on what I now know? —

Upon first thought, there are far too many moments to mention. How do I separate all those times in my mind? How do I understand?

I’ve learned, over the years, that most often – at least for me – its in looking backwards that I find the most clarity. I’ve grown so far over the last years, but I still have a long way to go. Just when I think I’ve found the peak of the mountain, I always see the down-slope beyond. I know this is the way of life, but sometimes I forget.

Thinking further, I feel powerless over some events of my life. I continue to struggle with living in the moment, in knowing that the universe will provide if only I trust. Part of this is being bi-polar. Bi-polar is living on the knife’s edge and living with bi-polar means teetering from one side of knife to the other. Great days. Bad days. Sort of in-between days.

I need to remember to live moment to moment, day-to-day, in hopes of staying balanced on the edge of the knife.

Intention Inspired

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