Word Of The Day 6-9-2017




the attempt by a horse to throw its rider. (This was the most used meaning.)

a torture or punishment technique where the victim is tied at a pole which is dropped from a considerable height to just above the soil; aboard a vessel, the victim is dipped into the sea

a gymnastic move


Though the first meaning seems to be the most common, all the examples I found were for estrapade as a method of torture. That, a place-name or, in one instance, the name of a Thoroughbred.

Where are the defenestrations that shall break their bones, where is the estrapade that shall grind their joints? –The Shadow of the Torturer

It would take Sotillo a day to give me the estrapade, and try some other things perhaps, before he puts a bullet through my heart — as he did to that poor wretch here. —Nostromo, a Tale of the Seaboard



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