Sunday Photo Fiction 6-11-2017

Each week a photo is used, donated by one of the participants of Sunday Photo Fiction, and the idea is to write a story with the photo as a prompt in 200 words or less.

Sunday Photo Fiction 6-11-2017

SPF - June 11th 2017

He stared at the confusion of chess pieces scattered across the floor like the somethings broken inside him. Wished he knew what the broken bits were, where they had come from, why they had invaded his life. No, that wasn’t true. They had always been broken, ever since he could remember.

They’d had another fight; she’d screamed how fucked up he was, how stupid, how hurtful. Didn’t she know that stupid and hurtful could be turned against himself as well?

No, she couldn’t know. He’d never told, never let her that far inside.

She wasn’t coming back. She was as free to forget as he wasn’t. Not every moment they’d spent together, every word, every touch, every damn thing about her. Alone with his fears and pains and failures.

At dusk, he walk to the sea, shards of brokenness cutting him with every step. One by one, he took the chess pieces from his pockets, throwing them far out beyond the thundering waves. Out to where she was now.

Pockets empty, he walked home.


14 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction 6-11-2017

  1. Rituals sometimes help one to relieve pain. Like burning letters and albums, or giving away things that belong to someone. This reminds me of a Hindi lyric, which (translated) says …

    ‘Some of my things are lying there. Return those
    Some memories, some dreams
    Some parts of me that reside in you … Return those’

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  2. Throwing away, cutting out, burning, ripping up…anything that works to bring relief and start the journey of moving on. The image of the chess pieces being thrown is an interesting one. Did he throw the Queen farther than the Pawns?

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  3. It’s unfortunate to say the least. Things we do with others we love a lot but hurt us and leave are never the same without them. She ruined chess for him. The emotions came through really well and it seems she doesn’t see or never did see a part of him.

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