Word Of The Day 6-27-2017

wabbit   (Dialect, chiefly Scot)




exhausted, out of breath, unable to function due to extreme tiredness.


Ah’m real wabbit the night – Ah think Ah’ll hit the sack afore midnight.

(Gosh I am tired – I shall have an early night.)

Did You Know?

A person who is wabbit is very likely to also be feeling crabbit (Ill tempered / grumpy / in a bad mood).

Crabbit tends to be associated with older people. Young people are arrogant and cheeky – older people are merely crabbit.

It is thus not advisable to make a habit of being wabbit or you’ll be in the habbit of being a crabbit wabbit.



C19: from earlier wobart withered, feeble



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