Word Of The Day 7-2-2017




buffoon; one who speaks a lot of nonsense and is characterized by self-indulgence


  • 1927The Dalhousie Review – Volume 7, page 65:

    If we are “students of the Balatronic dialect” — a dialect so called from the “Balatrons” or professional buffons who invented most of it — we shall perhaps refer to its users as: — “Blunderkins, having their heads stuffed with nought but balderdash.
  • 1981, Alexander Theroux, Darconville’s cat, page 32:

    His fat body shook like a balatron, as if his soul, biting for anger at a mouth inadequately circumferential, desired in vain to fret a passage through it.
  • 1990, Christopher Maslanka, The Guardian Book of PuzzlesISBN 1872180728, page 52:

    But he did not want to look a complete balatron in front of the Rabbi.
  • 2015, Peter N. Milligan, Bulls Before BreakfastISBN 146687273X, page 87:

    Anyone who discounts the peril is a self-important, arrogant balatron. 


From Latin balātrō (jester, buffoon).


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